StrikeFit Fitness Kickboxing Classes Help You See Real Results Fast

Take on our high-energy Fitness Kickboxing Classes today and see real results in no time! Our StrikeFit Classes at Evolution Training Center keep your heart racing from start to finish, helping you burn hundreds of calories in just one class. You’ll also gain tons of confidence knowing that you have bone-crushing punches and debilitating kicks in your self-defense arsenal. What's more, you'll feel like a new person as our intense workouts erase stress from your body and give you razor-sharp focus.

We are proud to work with men and women across Manhattan helping you get in great shape and build total-body strength in no time.


This revolutionary training program combines the best elements of heavy bag trainingbody weight movements, and cardiovascular exercises to help you develop more dynamic strength and speed.

With our Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Manhattan you will experience:

  • Increased functional strength and power

  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss

  • Rapid fat burn

  • Lean, toned muscles

Our Fitness Kickboxing Classes Are taught by self-defense instructors!


StrikeFit Fitness Kickboxing classes Push Your Body Like Never Before

You don't need any prior experience to excel in our Fitness Kickboxing Classes at Evolution Training Center. We train men and women of all fitness levels, scaling the workout to fit your unique needs and pushing you with a support system that is second to none.

Our StrikeFit Classes surround you with professional instructors and a room full of classmates to keep you motivated through each and every class.

You'll walk away with:

  • Increased energy levels in your daily life

  • An incredible sense of accomplishment

  • Unwavering confidence in everything you do

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Are you ready to see real results? Then join us for the best Fitness Kickboxing Classes in Manhattan. Our StrikeFit training program at Evolution Training Center is helping everyday men and women get in great shape in a hurry. You could be next.

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